Available Facial Services

The Deluxe Facial Service


A classic example of the ultimate in a deep cleansing facial. This facial service includes 2 cleansing rituals enhanced by a warm mist of steam to open the pores, followed by a gentle exfoliation of dead skin using either a vegetable or a fruit-based peel. After this, a refreshing, hydrating, and skin balancing toner is applied with a Dr. Lucas Pulverizer Machine. Throughout the process, your skin is being analyzed to determine the unique needs of your skin. Next, you will receive a facial massage using a custom blended product, followed by a personalized mask and facial wrap. Upon completion, your skin is bathed in a protective moisturizer allowing the natural radiance of clean and healthy skin.

55+ Excellence Code


An exceptional global anti-aging facial perfected to address matured skin made fragile by hormonal changes, slower cell renewal, and the loss of firmness. Using a powerful combination of the best anti-aging ingredients with revitalizing and properties, the complete Excellence Code patented system used in this facial leave visible results of a more youthful well-maintained skin. Best results when purchased in a series. Truly a tranquil unforgettable experience!

Truly a tranquil, unforgettable experience!

Escape Facial for Men


At last, facial services specially designed for men! Benefits such as anti-aging, wrinkle defense, blackhead removals, and moisture retention, all resulting in a clean, smooth, healthy complexion. Sensitive skin due to razor irritation and ingrown hairs are skillfully treated with a gentle exfoliation, manual release when possible, and restored with a detoxified 7% rosemary purifying mask. With consistent visits, you will see visible improvements!

With consistent visits, you will see visible improvements!

Ultra care back cleansing treatment


The skin on the back can be prone to breakouts and dead skin buildup because it is hard to reach. You will never forget this deep cleansing repairing treatment for the back. It includes intensive removal of dead skin, and extractions of blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores. This service comes complete with a luxurious back massage, layered with a treatment mask customized for the back. A soothing plant-based moisturizer completes this exceptional service!

Incredibly effective!

Oxygen Rx Facial


Oxygen Rx is a topical oxygen treatment developed by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese. This treatment effectively generates oxygen on the surface of the skin with the ability to impact and improve skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and anti-aging.

Quality inspired!

Just want to unwind back massage


Nothing more renewing than a relaxing, stress freeing back massage! A quick fix after a long day, a lunchtime break, or a “ME DAY” treat. The sensual gift of touch leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated!

Face, Fingers, and Toes


Relax from face to feet while taking your skincare experience to the next level. This superior service combines the aromatherapy of “YON-KA” five essential oils with the powerful penetration of heat therapy. It features the “Hydra – Flash Facial” that addresses deeply dehydrated skin affected by a lack of moisture. If that isn’t enough, the same deserving attention is given to the hands and feet!

The ultimate indulgence! 

Service Additions

Looking to enhance your facial services? You may customize your service with the following add-ons to address your specific concerns.

Acne Solution Treatment


Combining the technology of high frequency, the purifying power of plant extracts, and years of experience in manual extractions with visible results.

Anti-aging Upgrade


This upgrade to any of my facial services improves firmness, targets wrinkles, and slows down the signs of aging. The Perfect motivation to maintain youthful skin.

Enzyme Peels


A gentle alternative to chemical peels, this effective treatment safely brings immediate radiance and clarity to the skin. Choose from the therapeutic properties of chocolate, raspberry, or citrus.

Skin Resurfacing peels


I use an assortment of alpha-hydroxy peels to resurface the skin by helping the skin release dead cells and surface debris over a series of applications.



A natural approach for treating superficial pigment discolorations, combine with a consistent home care regimen for successful results.


$12 – $25

Eliminate unwanted hair for a silky smooth result!