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Let’s face it … not everyone will come in for a professional facial, for every one client that get their skin taken care of professionally you have at least ten that say they do their facials themselves at home, and there are many reasons why…for the younger person it’s often a lack of time… a lack of finances… or a lack of knowledge of how valuable it is to get professional facials . The more matured individuals who usually have the resources and the time …the issue is because they have always taken care of their skin themselves without help, they see no need to start now or the they think they have waited too late to make a difference.

Without a clear understanding of things like the process, the correct sequence, the why’s (why are you’re doing certain steps) as well as what you should ( or should not ) use in your home facial… your efforts could prove to be fruitless, or worse… create a problem instead of resolving a problem. Having some understanding of ingredients and the purpose they play in your home facial is essential for the success of your program. So here are a few steps in developing a first class home facial !

Step #1 Even when you don’t plan to go into a spa, salon, or a skincare studio for facial services I strongly suggest that you “ HAVE YOUR SKIN ANALYZED BY A TRUSTED PROFESSIONAL” You will get the proper advise as to what you should use in your home facial program. Think about it…you may come to the conclusion that you have dry skin…but is it dry because it’s not producing oil, or is it dry because because it’s dehydrated ( a lack of moisture ) it is important to know the difference. If you give skin that is moisture dry oil you’re creating a whole new set of issues. Usually this is a complimentary service, some esthetician’s offer free consultations, or at a minimum cost, or free with a purchase. In most cases she/he will have your best interest at heart.

Step #2 INVEST IN QUALITY PRODUCTS All skincare products are not equal… If you’re not sure of a product line or brand call the company, ask questions, get recommendations from a professional even if you’re not using their services, you both have one thing in common….”A desire for healthy skin” When investing in products remember one thing… your skin

have different needs at different times, what your skin need in January, is not necessarily what it requires in July. Quality skincare is an investment whether you’re doing it yourself or having it done by a professional… its an investment that pay you back in a more youthful healthy looking skin.

Step #3 Every facial begin with CLEANSING, regardless of skin type…what you use is crucial because proper cleansing is the very foundation that a good facial is built on. There are several different types of cleansers to choose from i.e. creams, lotions, foaming, as well as gels. You may have to sample more than one to fine what’s suitable for you.

Step #4 EXFOLIATE …Because the skin is the fastest growing organ of the body, removing the dead skin is a major step in your home facial. There are two ways to exfoliate… manually and chemically. As a lay person I suggest the manual techniques of exfoliation because you want to consider the integrity of the skin. Over exfoliation can be abrasive and damage the delicate fabric of the skin. You should not exfoliate more than once a week

Step #5 MASK…There are many different mask for many different purposes, this is an area you really want to take your time and research as you decide what is best for your skin. Each type of mask has its own benefits and each promise to address a unique skincare concern i.e. cleansing mask, firming mask, acne mask just to name a few. Make sure you follow the directions and its always best to stay within the system and protocol of the products you are using.

Step #6 TONE…The main purpose for toning is to restore the skin to its normal PH balance. ( PH refers to the acidic or alkaline nature of skin…5.5 is normal ) The toner can help keep the skin hydrated as well.

Step #7 EYE CREAM, SERUM AND MOISTURIZE…These three finishing items are essential for leaving your skin with the proper hydration, protection and a nourishing defense against the elements of the environment .

In most product lines these items are more costly because of their unique ingredients and extensive formulation process.

These general guidelines provide an order to your home facial, and with consistency, commitment and dedication your skin will look more youthful and maintain a healthy glow !!!